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Information about Midlothian

Midlothian, Texas, a small city tucked just more than 20 miles south of both downtown Fort Worth and the center of Dallas, is a rapidly growing community that has become known as DFW's Southern Star. With a growth rate of nearly 150 percent in recent years, the city has swelled to a population of about 18,000 and become one of the more popular areas in Fort Worth to find homes for rent.

An industrial city, Midlothian is a hub for the cement industry, hosting three cement production facilities and a steel mill. Beyond these enterprises, the backbone of the local economy, the city supports a high quality of life for its residents with local restaurants, shops and long list of special events. Rentals in this area let newcomers enjoy the benefits of life in a smaller suburb, while keeping the excitement of Fort Worth and Dallas close at hand.

Educational Opportunities for Midlothian Renters

The proximity of Dallas-Fort Worth make homes for rent in Midlothian ideal for working professionals, while the the community's local resources are suited to families as well. The city is served by the Midlothian Independent School District, including Midlothian High School, which has received awards in Agriculture and Problem Solvers competitions, and has become noteworthy for the high quality of its music program.

Community Living Near Midlothian Rentals

Midlothian rentals position renters to enjoy the community annual events, which are spread throughout the year. Each May, residents celebrate Spring Fling with arts and crafts, food and entertainment in Heritage Park, and June brings the Summer Balloon Classic. This event features 40 hot air balloons that light the sky with their brilliant colors at sunset, and puts on display airplanes, helicopters, gliders, parachutes and RC aircraft. Finally, the Fall Festival is held each October, featuring the annual Scarecrow Contest and 5K Downhill Dash past the homes and rentals of Midlothian.

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