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There's no place like home, especially when you live in Washougal, Wash. It's in a great location, situated just across the Columbia River from Portland. But its ideal location isn't its only perk - Washougal also boasts a family-focused community, a growing downtown business district and old-fashioned charm. Homes for rent in Washougal have never been more desirable. 

Essential Facts for Washougal Renters

  • Native Americans occupied the area surrounding Washougal until the Oregon Trail brought settlers west. 
  • Washougal may be close to the big city, but it's also surrounded by beautiful natural landmarks. Mount Hood, the Columbia River, the Cascade Mountains and the Washougal River are all nearby, allowing residents to enjoy the breathtaking scenery and connect with nature.
  • Washougal's growing downtown area is becoming a hotspot for both locals and those visiting from out of town. With plenty of small, local businesses setting up shop in the neighborhood, there's lots of economic growth and potential for aspiring entrepreneurs.

Resources for Renters in Washougal

  • Washougal may be historically significant, but that doesn't mean it's living in the past. The city's website is home to essential information and news about upcoming events, while the downtown area's Facebook page offers the latest updates on what's happening in this neighborhood.
  • Renters with young kids may want to stay informed by checking out the Washougal School District's website regularly.

Entertainment Options in Washougal

Thanks to its great location, Washougal residents never run out of things to do. Hiking, biking, rafting and fishing are popular outdoor hobbies for those who want to remain active, but residents who would like to enjoy the fresh air without breaking a sweat can take a leisurely stroll in one of Washougal's many parks. Residents hoping to take in the atmosphere and historical significance of the area may want to stroll through the downtown area or the Two Rivers Heritage Museum.