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Discover Houses for Rent in East Boston, MA

Just across the water from Downtown Boston, East Boston is a neighborhood with an immigrant history. The area has a cultural flavor all its own while being just a stone's throw away from the full urban experience of Boston proper. If you're looking for a diverse neighborhood close to the heart of a major city, homes for rent in East Boston may be just the thing.

What Should East Boston Renters Know?

  • East Boston wasn't always the single landmass it is today, but was once a collection of separate islands. By the use of infilling, these islands were connected in the early 1800s.
  • East Boston became the home of the first branch library in the nation in 1870.
  • The neighborhood, though initially a haven for the wealthy, became a hotspot for shipbuilding over time. With this transition, East Boston transformed into a more working-class community, drawing work-seeking immigrants from Norway, Portugal, Ireland and Canada.
  • Transportation characterizes East Boston, with its history as a destination of train and ferry travel. Nowadays, the area is home to Logan International Airport.

Useful Resources for Renters in East Boston

  • The government website for East Boston hosted by the City of Boston provides links to various community resources.
  • For help getting around Boston and the surrounding area, residents may check out the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority website's many public transit options.

Things to Do in East Boston

Parks and recreational facilities of multiple kinds litter the area of East Boston. On the side of the neighborhood closest to Downtown, Piers Park provides a view of the Boston skyline across the harbor on top of its walking, boating and historical offerings. In the northern portion of East Boston lies the Belle Isle Marsh reservation, a piece of the area's natural history filled with lush wetlands. Across the water, Downtown Boston provides all manner of culture, nightlife and shopping at popular locales such as Faneuil Hall and the North End.