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Your Online Source for Single Family Home Rentals, Apartments, and Houses for Rent!

Whether you're looking to find homes, apartments, vacation rentals, condos, townhouses, or other properties to rent--or you want to fill your vacancy quickly and easily--you've come to the right place. Every day, thousands of renters use our comprehensive database to search rental properties, making the place for renters and property owners and managers to connect online. invites you to feel right at home on our Web site until you find your next residence--search as much as you want, whenever you want...FREE! Choose from thousands of available rental homes, apartments, condos and duplexes across the country and in your area. You are one click away from easily and conveniently selecting the home of your choice.

With several easy-to-use search functions for tenants, we make it easy to search and find the perfect rental home that meets your location, price and amenity preferences. Need a pet-friendly house for rent, a 2 car garage or a fenced yard? Our advanced search allows you to find the perfect rental, without sorting through irrelevant listings. Our reliable property management tools for property managers make Rentals a dependable source for posting and managing rental listings.

Our customers trust and rely on us to deliver the rental home results they demand. Finding rental homes, apartments or townhouses is fast, easy and FREE on!

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  • View up-to-date property listings using easy search options.
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  • Reach qualified renters at the optimal rental search phase.
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  • Save time and money while shortening the duration of your vacancies between tenants.
  • Obtain reliable, accurate reports.
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See why Rentals is Your Source for Home Rentals, Apartments, and Homes for Rent!

While you are looking for a home for rent, we know it's nice to have support that's free and easy during your stressful move. That's why Rentals makes it easy for you to choose a rental house, apartment or other rental property that best meets your needs. Search by price, city, number of bedrooms and many other rental features. Rentals even gives you the ability to narrow your search to specific rentals such as rent-to-own properties and lease option rentals. We encourage you to search our listings as much as you want, whenever you want - it's always free. Take a tour of one or thousands of houses for rent, apartments, rental houses or other rental properties without leaving your home or office. It's all at your fingertips - no cost, no hassle. You can search by city, state or nationwide - free!

Whether you're looking for great rentals or you're a property management company needing to fill your vacancies, is the undeniable smart choice. Choose from thousands of homes for rent, apartments and other rental properties from across the country. From rental deposits to a virtual tour of the property, each listing gives you valuable rental information to help you choose the rental home, apartment, townhouse, or vacation rental that's right for you. Rentals is the source for you to find a house for rent, apartment or townhouse!

Rental Houses

Want the space of a home and a yard of your own but without the hassles of ownership--or the mortgage? Renting a home is the perfect choice. When a drain gets clogged or the roof needs to be replaced, all you have to do is call your landlord--and then kick back and relax.

We know that finding a new rental home can be stressful, so makes looking for your next house to rent easy and convenient. Whether you're staying local or moving cross-country, gives you access to thousands of listings for rental houses. You can narrow your search based on price, location, features and other criteria that are important to you. Save time and money by taking virtual tours of homes for rent right from your living room. And search as often as you like, because it's always free for renters. is the No. 1 Web site for anyone looking to rent a house. We want you to be satisfied--and to find the home rental that's right for you.

Apartments For Rent

Get to know more about an apartment rental before you move in. With, you can see detailed listings of apartments for rent, including the amenities offered, 360-degree virtual tours, photos of the property, what's included in the rent and more. has thousands of listings for apartments in your city and across the country. Search as often and as much as you like--it's always free!

Condos & Townhomes for Rent

Renting a condo or a townhome gives you the feel of a home without having to come up with a down payment?or mow the lawn. With many of our townhouse and condo listings coming from individual landlords, provides more condo and townhouse listings than you?ll find anywhere else, including the classified ads. We?ll help you find the townhome or condo that?s right for you, with the amenities you?re looking for and just where you want to be in town.

Condos for Rent

Condominiums are typically part of a multi-unit dwelling where a homeowner's association manages common areas. With a condo, the owner or tenant is only responsible for the area located within the walls of their unit. With surge of condo construction and investment over the past decade, many cities have an abundance of condos for rent. Renting a condo is a great way to get started in a new city or to take advantage of some over investing of the real estate market.

Townhomes for Rent

So you are looking through rental properties and trying to decide between an apartment, condo, house or townhome for rent? Maybe a townhome would be the best option. A townhome provides you with similar amenities to a condo or apartment, yet comes the benefits of a house. Some townhomes come with garages, small yards. large kitchens and fireplaces. A townhouse owner or tenant is often responsible for the area located inside the unit and also the land that the unit sits on. Some townhouse communities have common area maintenance included while others do not. Be sure to ask the landlord your responsibilities before renting a townhomes. The best part is that has a listings for thousands of townhouses for rent across the US.


Want to be chic without the high price tag? With a loft, you can get a place in the trendiest part of the city and keep a grip on your budget. Our extensive loft listings are updated constantly, so you'll know as soon as the coolest properties become available. With many lofts being developed from dormant factories in the downtown areas of major cities, lofts are typically convenient to live/work aspirations, have unique configurations and usually are home to many of the urban hip.


Living with a roommate doesn't mean you have to give up your privacy. Get your own room and share expenses with a duplex or fourplex. Duplexes are simply apartments or condos that have 2 or 4 units. Duplexes and fourplexes offer the convenience of apartment living but can be detached, stand-alone, or part of a great complex of dwellings. Our duplex and fourplex search will help you find the home and the neighborhood you want. is Your Online Source for Advertising Your Rental Property!

If you're ready to list your rental property, you've come to the right place. Whether you want to advertise homes, apartments, vacation rentals, condos, townhouses, duplexes or lofts, can help you easily create an ad that goes online today.

Every day, thousands of renters use our comprehensive database to search rental properties, making the place for renters and property owners and managers to connect online. Our reliable property management tools for property managers make a dependable source for listing and managing rental properties.

You'll find a renter in no time using our premium features, such as unlimited photos and preferred listings. Enter your property information once, and we'll run your listing for 30 days. We'll track the progress of your rental listing with emailed weekly activity statements and a unique call tracking number so you can monitor leads. Even when your property is rented, we'll archive your listing, so you can reactive it anytime without recreating it.

Potential renters love because they can search thousands of up-to-date property listings for free, receive complete property details without having to register and avoid fraudulent listings, all from the comfort of their home computers or mobile phones. As a landlord or property manager, you'll love because you can find qualified, serious renters, list on a site that focuses on rental advertising just for homes and apartments, and close your vacancies faster. Plus, Rentals' tips, tools and expert advice are focused on helping you rent your property through each step of the process.

If you're a property management company or landlord who needs to list your house for rent, is the choice. You'll save time and money while shortening the duration of your vacancies between tenants, which will generate income for your company or yourself sooner. is one of the top rental sites for anyone looking to list a house for rent. List your property today to get started!

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