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Houses for Rent in Brawley, California

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Find Houses for Rent in Brawley, CA

Brawley is a city in Imperial County. It's approximately 25 minutes from the city of El Centro, which sits right on the border with Mexico. Homes for rent in this area give families opportunities to enjoy quiet suburbia or visit beautiful, local cities such as San Diego. Regardless of whether you decide to stick around or venture far, there's plenty to do. Visit the Salton Sea, a gorgeous small lake located just outside of town. However, this lake is saline and shallow, so don't expect to go fishing! Feeling hungry? Visit the Rock Coffee Shop and Cafe for a quick breakfast sandwich. If you're more interested in lunch or dining options, check out Johnny's Burritos or Nana Dora's Restaurant.

Facts for Renters

  • For years, this town was known for its cattle industry. Many people in town are still ranchers or cattle farmers. To honor these people and their descendants, Brawley hosts an event called the Cattle Call Rodeo each year.
  • Brawley was initially known as Braly after being founded in 1902 by the Imperial Land Company. The city was named after J.H. Braly, the primary owner of the town's land. Yet residents didn't agree with the name choice, and decided to name the area Brawley instead. 
  • Brawley was mainly focused on agricultural opportunities in its initial years, though some small businesses popped up. The first post office was built in 1903. 

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