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Houses for Rent in National City, California

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Discover Houses for Rent in National City, CA

National City is idyllically located within San Diego. Nearby cities include Chula Vista - a large area that offers stellar clubs and nightlife for young residents. Families searching for homes for rent should consider the wide range of institutions in National City. The Ablaze for Jesus Christian church and South Bay Community Church are two institutions for families seek to raise their children in a family-friendly atmosphere. There are numerous recreational areas too, including National City Golf Course and Camacho Recreation Center.

Historical Facts About National City

  • National City was incorporated in 1887, making it one of the oldest cities in California. Potential renters should delve into local- and state-centered historical societies to learn more about the history and traditions of National City. 
  • The Kimball family played a pivotal role in developing National City, constructing many urban staples, such as a railroad and a wharf.
  • National City has many esteemed locations, such as the Granger Music Hall, the Santa Fe Rail Depot and the St. Matthews Episcopal Church. The music hall was built to carry sound naturally, making a microphone superfluous for performers. The site of the rail depot is now a museum, ideal for visitors interested in the industrial history of California. 

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