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Houses for Rent in San Lorenzo, California

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Explore Gorgeous Houses for Rent in San Lorenzo, CA

San Lorenzo is across the bay from San Francisco. Homes for rent in this community are just a short drive from beaches, mountains and national parks. Families will also enjoy the many entertainment options in the region. The San Lorenzo Village Shopping Center has food and shopping in town. There's also attractions like the Golden Gate Bridge and Park, Chinatown, the San Francisco Zoo, and the Aquarium of the Bay for renters to explore in nearby areas.

Facts for Renters

  • The Native American villages in the area were mostly set up near El Arroyo San Lorenzo, now called San Lorenzo Creek. The region was filled with game, including coyotes, deer, elk and grizzly bears. There were also plenty of wild fowl. The plentiful food and fertile land helped early societies around the creek flourish.
  • The excellent soil in the region was very attractive to men settling in the community during the California Gold Rush. Many squatted on the land, and the actual landowners were mostly unsuccessful in evicting them. Eventually these squatters named the town San Lorenzo and began the farming that would allow them to build a thriving community.
  • San Lorenzo Park has many amenities and recreational opportunities for residents. There's a playground, picnic areas, and a duck pond. There's also a baseball diamond where many of the community's recreational leagues play, and a dog run for residents who want to bring their pets.

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