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Explore Houses for Rent in Grand-Junction, CO

Grand Junction is in Mesa County and is the largest city in Colorado's Western Slope. It's located near the city of Delta and is only a couple of hours west of Denver. Grand Junction is a great place for families to look for homes for rent, as it offers endless enticing activities, such as hiking and camping, for all residents to enjoy. The natural beauty of the nearby Colorado River and the Grand Mesa cater to outdoor lovers, while history buffs flock to the city's many rare museums, such as the Discovery Dinosaur Museum. 

Facts for Renters

  • The Ute tribe were the first inhabitants of Grand Junction and most of western Colorado. The area was open for settlement and the city was officially established in 1881 when the Utes relocated. 
  • The name Grand Junction came from the two rivers that intersect in the city - The Grand River and the Gunnison River. The Grand River was eventually changed to the Colorado River so people didn't confuse it with the Rio Grande River.
  • The city has preserved many sites that are representative of the economical struggles it's overcome, such as the North Seventh Street Historic District, the Railroad Depot and the Avalon Theater.
  • The Redlands Mesa Golf Club, the Canyon View Park, the Cross Orchards Historic Site and the vast array of vineyards are some of the attractions that make Grand Junction a popular vacation destination.

Resources for Renters

  • Want to learn more about Grand Junction's rich culture and history? Find out more at the city's website
  • Mesa County is home to many reputable schools for students of all ages. To become involved in the city's school system or to take a look at the different education opportunities in the area, visit Mesa County Valley's school district website.
  • Find out about the city's current events and recent news at the website for Grand Junction's Daily Sentinel