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Apartments For Rent in White Plains, NY

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Apartments for Rent in White Plains, NY

White Plains, a small city in New York, has a population of slightly more than 58,000. At an average age of just under 40, the city's population is middle-of-the-pack compared to other cities in New York, which has an average age of 39. Residents are fairly evenly split between owning (52%) and renting (48%) their residence despite a relatively expensive average rent of $1,574/month, significantly higher than the state average of $1,280.

White Plains has an average commute time of about 30 minutes. Many residents (35%) drive their car or truck to work, while public transportation is used by just 9% of the population. Walking (4%) isn't a common way to get to work, though the number exceeds the national average.

Compared to the national average (7%), White Plains has a high concentration of residents older than 25 with advanced degrees, as 13% possess a Master's or a Doctorate. Furthermore, 18% possess a Bachelor's degree, which also outpaces the national average. White Plains residents have a plethora of industries from which to choose, the most common five of which are healthcare, retail, scientific, entertainment, and education. Together, these industries account for 31% of the labor force in the city. Meanwhile, in terms of job function, many workers in these industries are in management, which ranks as the top field in the city. White Plains workers earn an average annual income of about $103K, around $22,000 more than those elsewhere in the state. White Plains's average income also compares favorably to the national average ($73,345).