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On the western shores of the Red River of the North, Fargo is the most populous city in North Dakota. The river is also the state border between North Dakota and Minnesota as well as Fargo and Moorhead. Moorhead is connected to Fargo in many ways. Homes for rent in Fargo give families the chance to live in a medium-sized city that, in addition to a strong economy and a variety of eclectic shops and restaurants, has a lot of parks. Mickleson Field, Original Homestead Park, Riverfront Park and Island Park are just a few of the recreational green spaces along the river that Fargo residents can enjoy. Fargo is also home to North Dakota State University and The Roger Maris Museum. At the crossroads of interstates 29 and 94, Fargo isn't far from Grand Forks or Bismarck

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  • Fargo is named for William Fargo, who was the co-founder of Wells Fargo Express Company and the director of the Northern Pacific Railroad. The area was first settled when people heard the railroad was coming through. The railroad brought in more settlers, who farmed along the river. In 1892, a fire destroyed a significant portion of the city, but Fargo was rebuilt stronger because of it. 

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Although it's the state's largest city, Fargo won't overwhelm families with traffic and tall buildings like other cities. Fargo is a good mix of urban benefits and rural beauty.