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Williston, North Dakota's eighth-largest city, is located on Route 2, near Route 85 and Waterford City. Williston sits near the Missouri River and has become one of the quickly growing cities in North Dakota because of the energy success in the area. As part of the Bakken formation, Williston is well-located for oil drilling and is home to many people involved with the booming industry. Although oil does create a lot of jobs in the region, homes for rent in Williston carry many other benefits. The city is home to many parks, including Harmon Park, Williston State College and Sloulin Field International Airport with passenger flights to Minnesota and Denver and freight shipping to and from Canada. 

Important Information for Future Renters

  • Oil drilling in North Dakota has been a significant aspect of the state's economy since 1951 and is deeply intertwined with Williston's history. The Williston Basin, a major geologic structural basin rich in oil, is named for the city, as it was discovered there in the 1920s.
  • Oil was discovered in the basin in 1951, and within months, 30 million of the state's total 44.8 million acres had been leased, many by large oil companies. Today, predictions of how much oil is under North Dakota has drastically increased since the early 1900s.

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Williston is a booming city with plenty of room to expand. With ample jobs and a great community, families will love the rural city.