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Find Houses For Rent in Oakley, OH

A neighborhood of Cincinnati between Paddock Hills and Madisonville, Oakley is a walkable and pleasant area just outside the bustling city center with dozens of homes for rent. Residents have the luxury of choosing homes with green yards and a relaxing, quiet environment and are able to travel to the energetic downtown area just a couple of miles away from the doorstep. If you enjoy more laid-back city life - or you're a Bengals fan - Oakley is a perfect place to live.

Fun Facts About Oakley

  • Now considered an Oakley landmark, the 20th Century Theater was scheduled for demolition in the 1990s. Luckily, this 72-foot tall tower over the business district was saved because of its historical value in the neighborhood. Now, residents use the Art Moderne theater, which was built in 1941, as an event and concert venue.
  • Oakley was once a popular stop for pioneers on the Madison Turnpike wagon trail in the 1800s who called the destination "Four Mile." However, 32 acres of land were bought and renamed "Oakley" in 1853 by Paul Shuster, who was inspired by the many oak trees.
  • Oakley was once a major factory destination for World War I tools and weapons in the 1910s. Afterward, the factories became one of America's largest producers of machine tools. Since those early beginnings, the factories have shut down to make way for other Oakley business ventures.

Helpful Resources for Oakley Renters

  • For those interested in neighborhood initiatives, events or nearby businesses, there's information on the Oakley Community Council website.
  • If you're interested in professional development or possibly starting your own business, you may want to refer to the Cincinnati Chamber of Commerce for helpful tools and resources.