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Find Houses for Rent in Toledo, OH

The third largest city in Ohio, Toledo is located on the banks of Lake Erie. Only a short drive from Sylvania and Tipp City, Toledo is one of the Midwest's oldest and most historic settlements. Homes for rent in Toledo aren't far from professional sports, like the minor league baseball Toledo Mud Hens, to rival any big city without sacrificing small town charm.

Interesting Facts About Toledo

  • Unlike other cities that can trace their names back to a historical or cultural event, Toledo was named by happenstance. Willard Daniels, an 18th century merchant, is the first to be attributed with the calling the city by it's current name. According to Daniels, Toledo was simply easy to pronounce and was uniquely different than anything else at that time.
  • The city was a major player in one of the strangest American arguments in history - the Toledo War. "Fought" without a drop of blood or loss of life between Ohio and Michigan over a disputed strip of land on the border, the only casualty occurred when a Michigan sheriff's deputy was pricked in the leg with a pen knife.
  • Toledo was a site of many public works projects during the Great Depression, such as. The Toledo Zoo and Toledo Museum of Art, both of which still stand today.

Important Resources for Toledo Renters

  • Destination Toledo isn't just a great place for visitors to plan a weekend in this historic city - renters can check out all the events going on in town on any given day or night.
  • Toledo's municipal website lists all the pertinent information residents might need, including job opportunities, budgetary estimates and real-time updates for public utilities.