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Discover Houses for Rent in Magnolia, TX

Magnolia is a Texas city located in Montgomery County. The city is close to Pinehurst. Homes for rent place renters in a vibrant area, with spots such as La Magnolia Trattoria Italiana, Magnolia Inn & Suites, Rancho Grande Bar and Grill, Dog's Day Out Grooming, Sullivan Park, Kitty's Cafe, Magnolia Florist and Kemah Seafoods.

History of Magnolia 

  • 1840 was an excellent year for Magnolia, as it expanded its southern border to gain more land. 
  • The area was called Mink's Prairie for many years during its inception. This was after a settler in the area who shared the name. 
  • The area of modern Magnolia was first called by this name in the late 1800s because of the magnolia trees that dot the area. 
  • Magnolia gained prosperity and increased development in the early 1900s. During this period, there were numerous general stores, grist mills, a railroad and a number of other features and amenities. 
  • Magnolia was a stop on the route of the International-Great Northern Railroad, helping to increase the population of the community.
  • The city was officially incorporated in 1968. 
  • Magnolia's mantra is "A Community of Unity."

Resources for Renters

  • Magnolia's website has helpful tips and links for renters. A page called "City Council" will display information on the mayor and council, city council agendas and city council minutes. The "Economic Development" page will provide information about the city's plan for the economy, amenities in the city, transportation and other helpful pages. Other pages on the site include parks and city departments. The latter displays a summary of Unity Park and "The Magnolia Stroll," a famed walking path in the city.
  • Magnolia Independent School District's website displays information on education in the district - a source that will be indispensable for parents. There are specific pages on staff, resources for parents, a summary of the district, community, departments and campuses in the district.