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Find Houses for Rent in Leesburg, VA

One of the oldest and most historic towns in Virginia, Leesburg is situated along the Catoctin Mountain range near Washington, D.C. It's right along the Potomac River and is easily accessible to the city. Ongoing growth and urban cleanup projects have helped turn Leesburg into one of the most prominent places to find homes for rent in the Washington metropolitan area.

Things Leesburg Renters Need to Know

  • Leesburg was named one of the top 10 places to live by CNN Money Magazine for its nearness to Washington, proliferation of good jobs and availability of homes for rent. This has made it an ideal location for government, contracting and federal employees.
  • The Dulles Greenway provides the Leesburg area with dedicated commuting capabilities between the town and Washington. It also runs straight to the Washington Dulles International Airport, expediting travel among these major locations.
  • The state is a primary employer of residents. Whether it's local, state or federal, much of the population works for some branch of the government, creating a strong cultural bent toward patriotism and civic activities.

Top Resources for Leesburg Renters

  • The Town of Leesburg's official website provides a doorway into the community's current events and ongoing initiatives. The town agenda, budget proposals, notices and invitations to action are all available online.
  • Visit Loudoun provides a county-wide picture of the various places and things to do within the region's confines. As a primary location for arts and entertainment in the area, Leesburg is a prominent feature of the page, providing insights into seasonal and ongoing options.

More Fun Things to Do Near Leesburg Rentals

The National Conference Center offers plenty of opportunities to attend major political, social, economic and casual talks and events. This site is a complex of many different buildings, promoting a multitude of simultaneous attractions.