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Houses for Rent in Delano, California

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Find Houses for Rent in Delano, CA

Situated north of Bakersfield, Delano has homes for rent in a city with a strong economy based on agriculture. It features plenty of good food and fun attractions in a mild climate.

Facts for Renters About Delano

  • The city was named after Columbus Delano, who, at the time of the town's founding, was the secretary of the interior. It was founded on July 14, 1869, as a railroad town for the Southern Pacific Railroad.
  • Delano has five sister cities across the globe. These are Jacona and Michoacan in Mexico, Kalibo in the Philippines, Arida in Japan and Asti in Italy. Asti was the first sister city for Delano, and they became affiliates in 1964.
  • The city is known for its production of table grapes. Table grapes are those meant for eating as opposed to wine, juice or raisin production and are lower in sugar but very flavorful when fresh.

Resources for Renters

  • The City of Delano website lets renters pay bills, read about local government and explore services offered by the city.
  • Renters who need to apply for or renew a license, register a vehicle or change their address can do so in person at the Delano DMV or try the California DMV Web page's online services.
  • The Delano Chamber of Commerce page has information for renters in the city about businesses and entertainment in the area.

Attractions Near Delano

Thanks to its rich and diverse heritage, Delano has several festivals to honor the history of the city. This includes events like Philippine Weekend, which occurs every July and has been a tradition for over 30 years. There's also diversity in the food in the area, with places like Fil Bake Shop for traditional Filipino baked goods and Jenny's Cafe for Mexican fare.