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La Jolla is a small California community located just north of San Diego. Residents searching for homes for rent in tranquil living conditions and a hospitable cohesion of community life should consider moving to La Jolla. Residents can also experience the cosmopolitan nightlife of San Diego and have a calm place to return to when the night ends. La Jolla also neighbors Pacific Beach and Clairemont, among other excellent California locations. Residents of the community of La Jolla can spend their leisure time at La Jolla Natural Park or the Racquet Ball Courts. Potential renters will also have the chance to go on long rides along the Pacific coast. The natural beauty of the Pacific is nicely contrasted with the modern community La Jolla offers.

Historical Facts About La Jolla

  • A significant factor in the early history of La Jolla was the development of numerous beach cottages, making the community a great place for lovers of the sea.
  • La Jolla also has the honor of being the hometown and birthplace of several famous actors and actresses. Gregory Peck, star of "How to Kill A Mockingbird" and "The Boys from Brazil," and the famous actress Raquel Welch are both from La Jolla. 
  • Renters interested in more information regarding the community should visit the La Jolla Historical Society.

Valuable Resources for Renters

  • La Jolla's website has handy resources for renters. For example, the website has pages on dining and arts and culture, directing a new or potential renter to the finest the community has to offer. This is all the more remarkable for the small size of La Jolla. The arts and culture page links to various museums and entertainment venues in the community, which is sure to appeal to families looking for a sophisticated environment to live in. 
  • Families should visit San Diego Unified School District's website to garner information about schools in La Jolla.