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Houses for Rent in Saint James, Louisiana

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Find Houses for Rent in Saint James, LA

Saint James is a fertile farming community on the west bank of the Mississippi River in southern Louisiana. Nearly equidistant between Baton Rouge and New Orleans, homes for rent in Saint James have none of the congestion or bustle of its urban neighbors. Saint James is perfectly located for farmers looking to easily ship their goods on the river, as well as families just looking for a quiet place to live with a big yard. There's plenty of space in Saint James for families to explore, including the nearby historic Oak Alley and Laura plantations. A short drive north on Route 18 will bring families to Donaldsonville for convenient access to any shopping or dining opportunities. 

Fun Facts for Future Renters

  • The community of Saint James is part of Saint James Parish. It's one of the original 19 parishes that were created in 1807, by the Orleans Territorial Legislature. 
  • The parish seat was originally in Saint James, but then transferred across the river to Convent in 1869. 
  • The parish and Saint James' history dates back to the original European discovery of Louisiana by the Spanish, who claimed it as part of Florida. As part of America, Saint James Parish grew into a beautiful region on either side of the Mississippi River with many homes and plantations. 

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Saint James offers families a historical past that they can base their futures on as well as a community that has ample space.