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Find Houses for Rent in Olney, MD

Olney is located near the center of Montgomery County, just outside of Washington, D.C., and west of Baltimore. The area has been called one of the top places to live in America by CNN Money Magazine and remains a safe, prosperous community in which to find homes for rent and raise a family. It's easily accessible by public transit and is convenient to a number of metro areas.

Things Olney Renters Need to Know

  • Olney has a strong residential presence that focuses on family values. This is a safe community that has a significant separation between work and home life.
  • The Olney region has a substantial religious presence in the form of the Ohev Sholom Talmud Torah Congregation. This is a welcoming group that helps define Olney as a partially Jewish community.
  • Previously known as Mechanicsville, there are still parts of Olney considered mostly working class. The shift from labor to elitism came with the introduction of regional artisans after the town's incorporation in the 1800s.

Top Resources for Olney Renters

  • The Olney Chamber of Commerce offers many insights into regional happenings, community announcements and a variety of other essential data on the region. This site provides residents and renters with the tools they need to ensure that they have the right parking information, building permits and community calendars of events to keep the region functioning seamlessly.
  • Olney Online presents the more relaxed part of Olney. This site offers residential and community events, as well as online options to interact with other members of the neighborhood. 

More Fun Things to Do Near Olney Rentals

Olney has a huge selection of public parks and recreational fields. It caters to youth groups and families, as well as adult sporting endeavors and public arts installations. The proliferation of homeowners' associations helps keep these areas expanding and open to the public.