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Webster is a town in Worcester County. It's 24 minutes from Worcester, one of the main cities in the Bay State that sits right on the Massachusetts Pike. Homes for rent in this area give people a chance to enjoy the suburbs while not being too far from exciting city life. Whether you want to stay close or explore, there's plenty to do. Visit Indian Ranch, which has live music shows right near Lake Webster. This local lake has plenty to do. Bring out your boat, go water skiing or grab a few fishing poles and see what you can catch.

Facts for Renters

  • Webster was founded in 1832 and built up pretty quickly. It's industrial growth attracted lots of people to the area to settle, letting business and life prosper early on.
  • Webster came to be thanks to Samuel Slater, who is considered to be the father of the American cotton industry. Slater discovered the land after asking an assistant to find a new piece of land where he could put a cotton mill. His only requests were that the area had plenty of water and lots of nearby farms where cotton could be grown. By the time he died, Slater owned almost 90 percent of the town.
  • Prior to being one complete town, Webster was made up of three smaller mill towns.  
  • Today, many of the buildings are still in their original form thanks to preservation techniques of local citizens. Town residents and visitors can get to know the town's history by taking a stroll through these villages. 

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