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Find Houses for Rent in Holly, MI

Holly is a village in the northern part of Oakland County. The village of Holly is actually located within the Holly Township. Homes for rent in the area provide families with plenty to do, as the village is only 55 miles away from Detroit. If the weather is nice, take a trip over to Holly Recreation Area, which is a set of parks and camper sites. If you're interested in more than cars in the Detroit region, check out the Detroit Model Railroad Club, where people can watch model railroads on tracks all day long. If the family is hungry, stop by Blackthorne Pub, which is in downtown Holly.

Facts for Renters

  • Both the village and Holly Township were named by Jonathan Allen after Mount Holly, New Jersey. Some locals believe that because holly was in bloom at the time, Allen related it back to the New Jersey town. 
  • Ira Alger was the village's first settler. After building a log cabin for himself, Alger helped create the first business district in the region by developing both a saw mill and a grist mill. 
  • Holly was one of the first areas with a railroad junction after people chose to build a segment of the Detroit & Milwaukee Railroad there in 1855. The railroad helped promote business for the locals and brought commerce and trade to the region. One of the most notable items that was traded was white pine.
  • In 1908, a national temperance leader named Carry Nation chose to speak in a part of town known as Battle Alley. Each year, to commemorate Nation's speech, the townspeople host a festival right after Labor Day.

Resources for Renters

  • Get to know Holly and the surrounding region even better by visiting the village of Holly website.
  • Interested in enrolling a child in local schools? Check out the Holly Area School District to learn what students can expect on their first day.
  • Read up on breaking news and more by grabbing a copy of the Tri-County Times.