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Find Houses for Rent in Pascagoula, MS

Pascagoula neighbors Gautier and Moss Point while bordering the Gulf of Mexico. Homes for rent in Pascagoula are close to local attractions that allow renters to enjoy a variety of activities on both land and sea.

Interesting Pascagoula Facts

  • Pascagoula has a history of water-faring activity and remains an active port. Northrop Grumman, nicknamed "America's Shipbuilder," is located in the city, along with industrial facilities run by Mississippi Phosphates and Signal International.
  • Pascagoula's history dates back more than 300 years to the first European settlement in the area.
  • Pascagoula is named after a tribe of Native Americans. The title means "bread eaters."
  • The city's nickname, "Singing River," also traces back to Native American origins. The members of the Pascagoula band walked into river waters while singing, drowning themselves to avoid enslavement by the Biloxi tribe.

Practical Pascagoula Tools

  • The official website of the City of Pascagoula has information about numerous aspects of life in the city, such as government departments, shopping and dining.
  • The Jackson County Chamber of Commerce website can be helpful for renters seeking to get familiar with the business opportunities available in Pascagoula.
  • To learn more about educational options in Pascagoula, parents can visit the Pascagoula School District website.

Ways to Play in Pascagoula

Pascagoula rentals are near various unique local amenities, such as the Scranton Nature Center at I.G. Levy Park. The center is home to diverse animals, including snakes, sea creatures and owls. On the Mississippi Sound, Beach Park Pier offers renters and their families the chance to experience a 14-acre green space equipped with a splash pad, playground areas, pavilions and barbecue grills. To explore a larger expanse, residents can head to Shepard State Park, which covers 395 acres and sports a nature trail, disc golf facilities, a picnic shelter and a ranger station.