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Find Houses for Rent in Anthony, NM

Anthony is a city in Dona Ana County about 28 minutes from El Paso, Texas. Homes for rent in this location give people a little bit of everything, because you aren't far from cities in two different states. 

Love drinking wine outdoors? Check out the La Vina Winery to see how local wine is grown and created. If you're more of a sports enthusiast, hit the greens at Dos Lagos Golf Course. Animal lovers can take a ride on one of the horses at the San Francisco Stables. 

Facts for Renters

  • The early settlers in Anthony had to deal with the simple farmer's life, as there wasn't much to do around town. They acquired a lot of culture from people in Mexico and began cooking many different Mexican dishes, such as frijoles.
  • One noticeable feature of this city is St. Anthony's Peak, better known as Anthony's Nose, as the cliff looks like a man with a huge nose. 
  • One of the main streets in this city is considered to be on the Highway of America, and next to it is the Santa Fe Railroad. The region is part of the Rio Grande Valley. In the early days, the Rio Grande river would overflow, ruining the settler's crops for the year as the region flooded. Many built dams around their land to protect the farms.
  • For several years, El Paso, Texas was known as Franklin.

Resources for Renters

  • Get to know more about this town by checking out the Anthony website. 
  • Figure out what events are coming up by picking up a copy of the El Paso Times.
  • Learn about the local school system and determine whether your children would enjoy it by visiting the Gadsden Independent School District website.