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As one of the oldest U.S. states, New Jersey has a history that goes back centuries. New Jersey has continued to grow and develop through the many years since its founding, becoming one of the most densely populous states in the country. New Brunswick and Princeton are home to Rutgers University and Princeton University, respectively, while Newark and Atlantic City each host an international airport. Homes for rent in New Jersey may attract renters that want to live in close proximity to two of the nation's major cities: New York, N.Y., and Philadelphia, Pa.

Interesting Information for New Jersey Renters

  • New Jersey ratified the U.S. Constitution in 1787, making it the 3rd state in the nation to do so. New Jersey was, however, the first state to endorse the Bill of Rights.
  • During the Revolutionary War, New Jersey played a crucial role due to its central location between New York and Philadelphia. With 100 battles between the British and the Americans fought on its soil, New Jersey has seen more conflicts than all other American states.
  • Many European immigrants came to New Jersey after the Civil War, including German, Irish, Italian and eastern European settlers. Approximately half of the state's population was made up of first and second generation immigrants in 1910.

Top 3 Things to Do in New Jersey

  • Some of New Jersey's best attractions can be found at various shoreside destinations, from Ocean City and Wildwood to Atlantic City. In Ocean City, renters can hit well-maintained beaches to enjoy the waves of the Atlantic Ocean, play in the sand or soak up the sun. Away from the water, the city's boardwalk hosts a variety of shops, restaurants and entertainment amenities.
  • At Pinelands National Reserve, lovers of the great outdoors can experience America's first national reserve, which covers more than one million acres and contains several types of ecosystems. Visitors can enjoy a diverse selection of activities during their time in the green space, including camping, hiking, boating, biking, kayaking, star gazing, backpacking, fishing, horseback riding and hunting.
  • To get acquainted with some of the history housed within the state's borders, renters can check out the Battleship New Jersey in Camden. Tours of the vessel are available, giving curious individuals of all ages the chance to take a glimpse into naval life and marine technology.

New Jersey Fun Facts for Renters

The state bug of New Jersey, the honeybee, pollinates the state's official flower, the violet. President Woodrow Wilson was governor of New Jersey before he went on the govern the nation in 1913.

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