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Apartments for Rent in Spartanburg, SC

Spartanburg, a town in South Carolina, has a population of approximately 37,000. The city's population, with an average age of just under 39, is middle-of-the-pack compared to other municipalities in the state, which has an average age of 38. A small majority of residents rent their homes (53%) as opposed to owning (47%) in Spartanburg. The city boasts a relatively low average rent of $736/month, which is $171 less than the state average. That adds up over the course of a year.

Spartanburg has an average commute time of about 20 minutes, quicker than the South Carolina average of about 24 minutes. Driving a car or truck is the typical means of commuting to work, selected by 37% of residents, while public transit is not widely used. Walking (2%) isn't a common means of commuting to work, though the number surpasses the national average.

Eleven percent of Spartanburg residents older than 25 possess a Bachelor's degree, while 6% have earned a Master's degree or Doctorate. There are three primary industries in Spartanburg: manufacturing, retail, and healthcare. Together, these industries account for 21% of the city's workforce. Meanwhile, looking at job function, 7% of residents work in transportation, making it the top career path in the city. With an average annual income of about $51K, Spartanburg workers take home around $11,000 less than the average South Carolina resident. The city's average income also trails the national average of $73,345.

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