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Find Houses for Rent in Lockhart, TX

The lively Central Texas community of Lockhart offers rich history, historic homes and gives families looking for homes for rent a chance to escape big-city life and enjoy a warm, friendly community. 

Interesting Facts About Lockhart for Renters 

  • Lockhart is located in Caldwell County and is named after Byrd Lockhart, who first arrived in the area in the 1880s. Lockhart built roads in what later became the city at his own expense. 
  • Lockhart was formerly part of Gonzales County. But the distance to the county seat caused settlers to create Caldwell County in 1848.
  • The city has experienced the boom and bust cycle of oil exploration and development. 
  • Caldwell County is situated in the Austin-San Antonio Corridor. 
  • Lockhart is known as "The Barbecue Capital of Texas," with thousands of people visiting the city's four barbecue restaurants each week. 
  • Lockhart has been a popular place for filming movies and TV shows, including the movies "Waiting for Guffman," "What's Eating Gilbert Grape" and "Second-Hand Lions." 

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Things to Do in Lockhart

  • Lockhart features historically preserved buildings and homes and offers renters a unique shopping experience at its antique stores. 
  • The Caldwell County Museum can teach new residents about the area's historical past. 
  • Renters can visit historical sites like where the Battle of Plum Creek took place in 1840 between Texans and the Indians, and the Caldwell County Courthouse, which displays the elaborate details and workmanship common to architecture in the mid-1800s. 
  • Lockhart offers a variety of recreation opportunities, including 6 miles of pedestrian walkways, hiking and biking trails, horseback riding and fishing. 
  • Lockhart State Park also gives renters an outdoor space to enjoy nature and recreation activities.