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Del Mar's Spanish name translates to "The Sea," which is the perfect epithet for the city located directly alongside the Pacific Ocean. Families and residents searching for homes for rent should note how close Del Mar is to the San Diego Freeway, a transportation avenue that cuts through some of California's most cosmopolitan cities, such as San Diego. Del Mar neighbors La Jolla and Encinitas - two other beautiful California locales by the ocean. The city also offers state-of-the-art amenities, with fine dining available at restaurants like Jake's Del Mar, which allows patrons to gaze at waterfront sights while chowing down. Del Mar also has numerous parks, such as Crest Canyon Park, if a potential renter fears that he or she will grow dissatisfied with the ocean. 

Interesting Facts About Del Mar

  • Del Mar constructed a large fairgrounds in the '30s, with help from Franklin Roosevelt's New Deal,which brought innumerable famous individuals to the city. Famous thespians included Lucy Arnaz and Pat O'Brien, who lent their stardom and skills to bring major tourism to Del Mar. Lucy Arnaz was renowned for "Here's Lucy," while Pat O'Brien starred in famous Marilyn Monroe vehicles such as "Some Like It Hot." 
  • The '80s saw Del Mar embark on a mission to cultivate the city into the beautiful locale that residents recognize today. Renters interested in the progress the city has made over the years should visit the Del Mar Historical Society.

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