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Discover Houses for Rent in El Cajon, CA

El Cajon is a California city located comfortably within San Diego County, close to wonderful Pacific Coast locales such as Bostonia and La Mesa. Residents searching for homes for rent should consider making El Cajon their home, which offers fast-paced urban life and modern amenities like El Cajon City Park and El Cajon Plaza Shopping Center. Renters will also be pleased to note the nearness of San Diego to El Cajon. A quick car ride on the Kumeyaay Highway will bring travelers straight to San Diego, allowing them to be back home with their families when they've enjoyed the city to the fullest.

Interesting Historical Facts About El Cajon

  • The city's early history displayed a heightened focus on agriculture - with fertile pasture lands supporting large swathes of cattle.
  • Gold mining in the region around El Cajon brought a significant amount of supplies to various California locales, which in turn helped to spark an increase in trade and prosperity in the El Cajon area.
  • The Spanish settled in what is today El Cajon, lending the city an interesting historical setting. Renters interested in the history of settlements in the West and the relations between the Spanish, indigenous Native Americans and settlers who transitioned to the West should delve into the El Cajon Historical Society.

Resources for Renters

  • El Cajon has a handy website that clearly defines key areas that potential renters may be interested in while pondering a transition to El Cajon. The site has a page on the city's departments that lists the various municipal and local governing bodies in the city. These include finance, fire, recreation, police and community development. 
  • Parents should visit Cajon Valley Union School District's website to learn about schools in the area. The school system boasts the impressive motto of "Children Are First," which is sure to be appealing to families.