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Situated along the coast of Southern California and west of Los Angeles, the city of Oxnard is one of the most populous communities in the Oxnard-Thousand Oaks-Ventura metropolitan area. When searching for homes for rent, families will fall in love with the city's prolific amenities. 

Interesting Facts to Learn About Oxnard

  • Found near the western edge of the Oxnard Plain, the city also sits adjacent to an agricultural center of strawberries and lima beans.
  • Oxnard is one of the largest transportation hubs of Southern California, with access to numerous train and bus routes along the Pacific Coast.
  • Since it was incorporated in 1903, the city has gone from cattle grazing farms to an eclectic mix of industrial, housing and commercial industries.
  • Oxnard serves as a thriving center of commerce and tourism, with a range of resort facilities and recreational harbors that attract countless visitors every year.
  • Before the arrival of the Europeans, the area that's now Oxnard was home to the Chumash Native Americans.

Helpful Resources for New Renters

  • The Oxnard Public Library provides residents with ample opportunities to further their education with an abundance of learning materials. A calendar of events informs visitors of various reading programs, and there's a catalog search option to review all of the books, magazines and movies it has in stock.
  • The Carnegie Art Museum offers some of the most exquisite galleries and exhibits in the Oxnard area. It also hosts a wealth of poetry readings, festivals and educational classes for residents of all ages.
  • The city of Oxnard's parks and recreation website details the numerous community services available to citizens. It includes listings of all the area's park amenities and facilities, in addition to announcements regarding cleanliness and general upkeep.