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Find Your Dream House for Rent in Taft, CA

Located near Stockton and Vallejo, Taft is a city packed with history. Southeast of Bakersfield, Taft is a great place for families who are tired of city life but not ready to move all the way to the country. A 2-hour drive to Los Angeles, homes for rent in Taft aren't too far away from the city for a little fun. 

Fun Facts About Taft for Residents

  • Skydive Taft offers residents the thrilling opportunity to engage in one of the most heart-pounding activities in the world. With over 20 years of experience, Skydive Taft is perfect for first-timers looking for an adrenaline rush or veterans working toward skydiving certification.
  • The West Kern Oil Museum tells the stories of the men and women who lived in Kern County throughout California's history. Focused on the role of oil in California's past, present and future, the West Kern Oil Museum is a great entryway to the history of the state and its people.
  • Several well-known movies have been filmed in and around Taft, such as "Thelma & Louise," "Five Easy Pieces" and "Attack of the 50 Foot Woman."

Important Resources for Residents

  • Taft's municipal website hosts links to various city departments, elected officials and ongoing projects. Residents can electronically file reports for work orders and research information on local utilities as well.
  • The Taft City School District has all the information families with young children need to enroll their kids today. With four elementary schools and two junior high schools, kids don't need to travel far for school when they live in Taft.
  • Residents can keep up with the newest developments around town with the Taft Midway Driller. Covering local and national news alike, the Midway Driller keeps residents abreast of the most important happenings in Taft.