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Discover Houses for Rent in Fortson, GA

Fortson is a rural community that lies just outside of Columbus. Thanks to their proximity to the city, homes for rent in Fortson may appeal to those seeking leisure or employment in an urban center while choosing to live in a more spacious area outside of town.

Fortson Area Facts

  • Fortson is located on the border of Muscogee County and Harris County. Muscogee County was founded in 1825 and Harris County was established only two years later, in 1827.
  • Georgia's first consolidated government was created in 1971 by Muscogee County and the City of Columbus.
  • Prior to the Civil War, Columbus was a mercantile hotspot that benefited from the cotton business. Muscogee County also participated in the textile industry and had three mills by 1860.

Fortson Tools for Renters

  • The Columbus Consolidated Government website provides resources for navigating communities in the Columbus-Muscogee region.
  • To find information about Fortson's second neighboring precinct, renters can visit the Harris County Georgia official website.
  • Learning about government affairs and economic opportunities near Fortson is made simple with the website of the Greater Columbus Georgia Chamber of Commerce.

Recreational Activities Near Fortson

Standing Boy Creek State Park, situated on the banks of the Chattahoochee River, is a short ride away from Fortson. The park covers close to 1,600 acres and supports a number of activities, such as hiking, swimming and camping. Visitors can also engage in fishing and boating. South of the park and approximately 20 minutes from Fortson rentals, Columbus offers opportunities to experience local history and culture. Renters can experience a piece of America's musical past at the Liberty Theatre. The theater has hosted famous artists such as Duke Ellington and Ella Fitzgerald and continues to put on musical and theatrical performances. Warships and other artifacts from Confederate naval history are available for visitors to see at The National Civil War Naval Museum.