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Discover Houses for Rent in Rossville, GA

Rossville is a charming town located in Walker County. It's nearly 15 minutes from the city of Chattanooga,Tennessee. Homes for rent allow families to go on rides at the Lake Winnie Amusement Park, indulge in a little history at the John Ross House or take in lake views while on a roller coaster at Lake Winnepesaukah.

Facts for Renters

  • The land was originally home to the Cherokee Indians and was known as Poplar Springs.
  • While traveling, a Scottish traveler named Daniel Ross was captured by the Cherokees. Ross survived thanks to a British officer who lived among the Cherokees. The town was named after Ross' son, John, who was the land's first postmaster.
  • Ross also was responsible for building a trading post nearby, which today is the bustling city of Chattanooga.
  • Ross left the house that was initially owned by his father, but the house was still known as the John Ross House. Visitors can still see it today.
  • Ross fought alongside Andrew Jackson in the war against the Creek Indians. Later on, Jackson tried to remove the Cherokees from the land with a treaty and Ross fought it. However, Ross eventually lost and the Cherokees headed west along the Trail of Tears.

Resources for Residents

  • Renters can learn more about the history of this town and Walker County as well as the local hot spots to check out using the town website.
  • Interested in becoming involved on the school committee? Want to find out what fundraisers help finance the school? Find out all you need to know on the Walker County School District website.
  • Get the local scoop on news, current events and even the weather using the Chattanooga Times Free Press.