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Discover Great Houses for Rent in Glen Ellyn, IL

For those who are searching for homes for rent in a beautiful suburb that offers all the pleasantries of a small town, Glen Ellyn, Ill., should be your final destination. Renters will be pleased to know that the city is just 23 miles west of Chicago, so an opportunity to have a night out in the Windy City is still easily feasible. With picturesque backdrops and a friendly atmosphere, Glen Ellyn has activities that will leave all members of your family satisfied.

3 Quick Facts about Glen Ellyn

  • Also known as the "Village of Volunteers," Glen Ellyn is very proud to have a strong sense of civic duty, and has volunteer opportunities through churches and other organizations.
  • The graphic novel "The Girl Who Owned a City," features a town that is loosely based on Glen Ellyn, as the story took place near Lake Ellyn.
  • The city is easily accessible off of the Union Pacific/West Line, so you can take a train to and from Glen Ellyn.

3 Neat Things to Do in Glen Ellyn

  • Take a dip - Glen Ellyn is home to the gorgeous Lake Ellyn. Residents can take out a boat, go fishing or simply enjoy a swim in the cool waters. With 25 acres, there's plenty of space to take in the outdoors at Lake Ellyn Park.
  • Play a game - The city has 31 parks to choose from, so renters have their pick of the litter in terms of finding the best picnic area, tennis court or patch of grass to have a catch.
  • Land a hole in one - Visit Glen Ellyn's Glen Oak Country Club and try your hand at shooting a perfect game at any of the five tee options upwards of 6,850 yards.