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Goshen is a town in Orange County, N.Y. It's in close proximity to Newburgh and Poughkeepsie, which are both great suburban New York areas. The town is also a short drive or train ride from the Long Island Sound, an excellent locale for seafaring residents and potential renters. Homes for rent in Goshen will grant a family a town full of useful amenities. The town offers summer camps and summer sports camps for children. This is an great piece of information for parents and potential parents considering living in Goshen. These institutions will help cultivate your child while teaching him or her invaluable life skills such as team solidarity. For parents with a more artistically inclined child, Goshen offers art programs. Goshen is a great environment for a child who doesn't enjoy sports or parents who believe their child would be better suited to creative endeavors.

Fun Facts About Goshen

  • Goshen has a Water Department dedicated to ensuring that the water the town's residents drink contains no impurities, such as lead and copper.
  • The town has numerous parks, which exhibit the family-friendly atmosphere Goshen exudes. Renters can exercise and bring their children to Good Time Park or Land O Goshen Park, which both facilitate civic happiness and an enjoyable aesthetic dimension to life in Goshen. 
  • Goshen is committed to preserving and conserving the environment of the town, with an Environmental Review Board that arbitrates on decisions affecting the quality of the town's environment. 

Resources for Residents

  • For parents and renters who have close kin relationships with their elderly parents, Goshen has a senior center that provides fun activities and diversions for senior citizens.
  • Goshen has a cool feature called Dial a Bus, which allows a resident to call for a bus should the situation arise.