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Discover Houses for Rent in Sour Lake, TX

Sour Lake is a city on Highway 105, west of Beaumont. Homes for rent in this Hardin County city offer families the opportunity to settle down in a residential community. The city's school are regional but nearby, just south on Route 326. The downtown area has a variety of shops, stores and restaurants for convenient dining and shopping. The Sour Lakes north of the city are an interesting ecological area. 

Fun Facts for Future Renters

  • Sour Lake is named for the "sour" springs to the north of the community. The sourness of these bodies of water is attributable to the massive amounts of oil discovered under Sour Lake. Oil production boomed in the early 1900s with peak production operating at 50,000 barrels each day. 
  • In addition to oil, Sour Lake was known for its resort style hotel and the Sour Lake Hardin County Fair. 
  • The Texas Company, now known as Texaco, made one of its first major oil discoveries in Sour Lake in 1903. 

Helpful Resources for Residents

  • The Beaumont Enterprise is an excellent local newspaper that covers the Sour Lake region. Located in nearby Beaumont, this newspaper's online presence is perfect for families who want to get up-to-date news without waiting for the morning's paper. 
  • Sour Lake is part of the Hardin-Jefferson Independent School District. The website features information for parents and students on everything from enrolling in class to signing up for the Lady Hawks softball team. 
  • The official Sour Lake website is a useful resource for residents, with links to various municipal departments, meeting agendas and other city postings.