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Discover Houses for Rent in Layton, UT

A little over 24 miles north of Utah's Salt Lake City sits the city of Layton. The homes for rent there are perfect for people looking for a short commute to work into the state's capital. The 24-minute drive ensures that Layton renters can enjoy the big-city nightlife while being able to return home to a more relaxing atmosphere that gives them plenty of room to stretch their feet. 

Interesting Facts About Layton

  • Layton began in 1850 and was an extension of the land that later became Kaysville, which was known as Kays Ward back then. Even when Kays Ward began to create streets and build a city center, Layton remained relatively rural.
  • The town's name comes from a Latter-day Saint's bishop and property owner, Christopher Layton. The area became Layton in 1886, when a post office was set up.
  • The erection of the Hill Air Force Base began in 1940. It's still an active facility that spans over 6,650 acres of land and boasts more than 11 aircraft hangars. It also houses the Hill Aerospace Museum, which doesn't charge any admission fees. 
  • Layton renters are encouraged to participate in events led by the Davis Arts Council, a local group that focuses on cultural activities for the community. The group began in 1979 as the Layton Arts & Humanities Council. It partnered with Layton City, private donors and businesses in 1995 and built the Edward A. Kenley Centennial Amphitheater. 

Useful Resources for Layton Renters

  • The Layton City website provides residents with important information, such as local services, parks and even how to start one's own business. 
  • The Davis School District serves Layton students from kindergarten through senior high. 
  • The Standard-Examiner covers local news for Layton.