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Discover Beautiful Houses For Rent in Yorktown, VA 

Yorktown, Va., boasts many beautiful homes for rent to accommodate your family's needs. Located along the Atlantic Coast, Yorktown is the seat of York County, an area rich in culture and history. While this city may seem like a tourist haven - it is, after all, the site of several landmark American Revolutionary War battles - Yorktown and Greater York County have numerous amenities for residents to enjoy.

3 Essential Facts About Yorktown

  • Along with nearby Jamestown and Williamsburg, Yorktown helps make up the "Historic Triangle," a collection of communities that have had a significant impact on the nation's history, dating from the first European settlers all the way to modern times. 
  • Yorktown is the site of the last major battle of the American Revolution. This was when British General Charles Cornwallis surrendered to American troops following a siege on the town in 1781.
  • The city remains a major naval outpost for the United States, as the Naval Weapons Station and the U.S. Coast Guard Training Center Yorktown are both located nearby.

Things to Do in Yorktown

  • Historic Main Street is home to a bevy of modern retail and dining establishments nestled within repurposed cottages that, in some cases, are more than 300 years old.
  • At the edge of downtown is the mile-long Riverfront, which boasts a pedestrian walkway, a 2-acre beach for swimming and bathing and docks for boaters to sail the York River.
  • Yorktown is served by two nearby airports - the Newport News/Williamsburg International Airport, located in Newport News, and Norfolk International Airport in Norfolk.

Why Yorktown is Great for Renters

In Yorktown, you get access to modern amenities while enjoying a historic aesthetic you can't find anywhere else. This makes the homes for rent in Yorktown the perfect choice for any family looking to have it all.