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Houses for Rent in Del Rey Oaks, California

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Explore Dream Houses for Rent in Del Ray Oaks, CA

Homes for rent in this city offer a relaxed, small-town pace. Its coastal location next to Seaside and Sand City gives renters plenty of opportunities for leisure during their residence.

Fun Facts for Renters About Del Ray Oaks

  • Del Ray Oaks is part of Monterey County, and neighbors the city of Monterey. When California was still under Spanish rule, this was the capital of the region.
  • The group of people native to the region are known as the First People, or the Rumsien people. They chose the area due to its mild climate, as well as the abundance of natural resources like fish and other wildlife.
  • In the early 1800s, the city became an important part of the trade for animal hides and fat. These resources were used to create tack for horses, shoes, candles and fuel, and were shipped as far as New England.

Resources for Renters

Things to Do in Del Ray Oaks

Renters can find much of what they need right in Del Ray Oaks. There's the Stone Creek Village Shopping Center, where there are stores and a food court. For five-star food, there's the famous Tarpy's Roadhouse, which has wild game, seafood and steaks. In neighboring Monterey, there's the world-renowned Monterey Bay Aquarium. There, renters can see otters, penguins, sharks and more.