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Houses for Rent in Marina, California

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Discover Houses for Rent in Marina, CA

A small city on California's coast, Marina is a great and beautiful place to settle down. Homes for rent in this seaside community are near the Route 1 Cabrillo Highway, which connects to Monterey in the south and Santa Cruz just north. Marina is home to a number of parks, including Marina State Beach, Locke-Paddon Park and Marina Dunes Preserve. California State University, Monterey Bay is nearby, as are Bayonet Black Horse Golf Course and the Marina Municipal Airport. The city is suburban with many local restaurants and businesses within walking distance. It's a great community for people who want to be able to visit the beach every day. 

Fun Facts for Future Renters

  • In 1868, about 9,000 acres where Marina now sits were owned by David Jacks and James Bardin. The mostly undeveloped area was known as "Bardin" until William Locke-Paddon bought land in the area to divide and sell in the early 1900s. Soon thereafter, The Southern Pacific Railroad stopped in the area. It was then known as "Mile Post 117," "Paddonville" and "Locke-Paddon Colonies" before being renamed "Marina" upon Locke-Paddon's request. 
  • In more recent history, the city was incorporated in 1975 and has grown and thrived since then. 

Helpful Resources for Residents

  • The official city of Marina website looks like the rustic beaches of the community. But the sandy brown and ocean-blue website is more than just a pretty sight. It has links to a variety of helpful documents and contact information, such as the meeting minutes and upcoming events. 
  • The Monterey Peninsula Unified School District encompasses Marina. Crumpton Elementary, Marina Vista Elementary, Olson Elementary, Los Arboles Middle School and Marina High School are the MPUSD schools actually located in the city. 
  • Citizens looking for local news, features, sports and entertainment should check out the Monterey Herald