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Locate Houses for Rent in Palm Desert, CA

Palm Desert is a California city situated by Rancho Mirage and Indio, two other urban centerpieces of California life. Families searching for homes for rent can expect a variety of places that will help provide a hospitable environment for new and long-time residents. Renters can become members of Ironwood Country Club, augmenting a golf swing while relaxing from competitive work life. The Palm to Pines Shopping Center gives a resident of the city a close-by center that's full of necessities for new residents - such as clothes and other essentials. Residents inclined to music will find pleasure in the Musicians Outlet store. Residents should consider Palm Desert - its closeness to Los Angeles is just one benefit among many. 

Interesting Historical Details About Palm Desert

  • The area that eventually became the city of Palm Desert was developed by the Henderson brothers, changing what had been a desolate area into a beautiful resort community.
  • The famous Gen. Patton came to Palm Desert to train for the North African Campaign in World War II. History buffs may be intrigued by this information, as the general is considered by experts to be one of the finest American military minds. 

Indispensable Resources for Renters 

  • Renters interested in learning more about life in Palm Desert should visit the city's website. It offers information on a range of city-related topics, such as culture, government, tourism and businesses. Of course, there are many more items on the website, so a potential resident should ensure that any questions are answered by visiting the site.
  • Parents should visit the Desert Sand Unified School District's website to learn about education in Palm Desert. This is an essential component of moving to a new area for many parents, so looking up registration details and schedules on the site will be helpful.