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Apartments for Rent in Palm Springs, FL

A small city located in Florida, Palm Springs has a population of approximately 27,000. The city's population, with an average age of just over 36, is younger than most cities in Florida. In terms of housing, residents are fairly evenly split between renting (52%) and owning (48%) their residence. The average rent of $1,124 per month is roughly the same as the state average.

Many Palm Springs residents work in one of four industries: retail, construction, healthcare, and support. Together, these industries make up 28% of the city's labor force. Meanwhile, in terms of job function, many of the city's residents work in sales, as 8% of the city's population reports this as their field of work, the highest number of any profession. With an average annual income of just over $51K, Palm Springs workers earn around $15,000 less than the average Florida resident. Palm Springs's average income also trails the national average ($73,345). Palm Springs has a relatively high number of residents over the age of 25 with a high school degree or GED (22%) compared to the national average. Furthermore, 7% possess a Bachelor's degree and 3% have a Master's degree or Doctorate.

Palm Springs residents have an average commute of about 28 minutes. Driving a car or truck is the prevailing mode of getting to work, selected by 44% of commuters, while public transportation is not extensively used. Walking isn't a common way to get to work.

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