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Houses for Rent in Pembroke Park, Florida

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Discover Houses for Rent in Pembroke Park, FL

With a quaint size of only 1.6 square miles, Pembroke Park, Florida, is a quiet, cozy, serene town just south of popular Sunshine State locale Miami. Despite its proximity to the big city, residents here can live peaceful lives in beautiful homes for rent.

Before Pembroke Park was officially designated a Broward County town, it was filled with numerous rock quarries, which today have been transformed into breathtaking lakes. Its beauty, such as those found in the town's tranquil lakes, have attracted many renters to settle down here and join the town's welcoming community.

Recreation for Pembroke Park Renters

In every corner of Pembroke Park, there are recreational facilities and green spaces where residents can lay down a blanket, pack some sandwiches for a picnic, and relax for a day in the sun. They could even gather with friends, family and other community members to enjoy some neighborhood festivities.

Four different, unique parks dot the town -- Howard P. Clark Linear Walkway, Patrick Behan Park, Raymond P. Olgesby Preserve and Ryan Park -- and each offers renters the chance to enjoy the town's natural surroundings, which include some of the area's most gorgeous plant life.

Through careful financial management and strategic planning, town officials have been able to persuade several industries to set up business locations in Pembroke Park, which in turn keeps the local economy performing well. The opportunity for gainful employment keeps residents living a higher quality of life.

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