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Find Houses for Rent in Martinez, GA

Martinez is a charming community in Columbia County. It's approximately 15 minutes from the city of Augusta. Homes for rent allow families to see if they can get a hole-in-one at the Putt Putt Fun Center, revel in some Mediterranean cuisine at Best Bites Mediterranean Pizzeria or try out a $5 breakfast at Ruth's Diner.

Facts for Renters

  • Martinez is the home of the beginning of the well-known Augusta Canal. The canal was built in 1845 and helped control the strong Savannah River, garnering power for the city's transportation and providing a source of water. The canal also helped power some of the major local factories in the area, boosting Augusta's economy.
  • The prosperous economy put Martinez on the map and it became a recognizable city in America.
  • Visitors can learn about the history of the canal and the success it brought to the area by venturing to Columbia County's Visitors Center. Visitors can also see a full replica of the lock keeper's bedroom.
  • In this area, visitors can see the Dance Pavilion or the barbecue pit, built in 1880, the Dining Shed, built in 1935 and the Savannah Rapids Pavilion, which still hosts many weddings and events.
  • Take a ride down the canal on kayaks, a guided tour or a boat to get a inside look at the history of the area.

Resources for Renters

  • Renters can learn more about the history of this charming community by visiting the official state website.
  • Enroll children in the local schools in the area or just find out how to become a more involved parent by checking out the Richmond County School District website.
  • Get the local scoop of daily news, current events and the local weather for the week by reading the area's publication, the Augusta Chronicle.