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Explore Houses for Rent in Davenport, IA

Along with neighboring Bettendorf, Davenport makes up the Iowa portion of The Quad Cities. Homes for rent there offer big-city amenities for renters.

Facts for Renters About Davenport

  • The Black Hawk Purchase that bought eastern Iowa included the land that Davenport now stands on.
  • The first railroad bridge over the Mississippi River was built between Davenport and Rock Island in 1856 by the Rock Island Railroad Company, and it allowed the area to flourish.
  • The steamboat industry felt threatened by the rise of railroads as a method of transportation. In retaliation to the building of the bridge, one man crashed his steamboat into it. The resulting court case was the one that brought Abraham Lincoln into the public eye for the first time.

Resources for Renters

  • Renters who like to stay up to date on the news can subscribe to and use the website for the Quad City Times, which serves the area.
  • To learn more about the region's economy and businesses, individuals can use the Quad Cities Chamber of Commerce page.
  • For information about all that Davenport has to offer for arts, culture, nightlife and more, renters can check out the Downtown Davenport Web page.

Attractions Around Davenport

As part of the Quad Cities, Davenport has plenty to offer renters. Restaurants line the riverfront, which is perfect for a night of great food and even better views. The annual Street Fest has activities, live music, tournaments, a foot race and vendors for an event full of energy and fun. There are several other festivals, many of which bring live music to the riverfront that renters can enjoy. To explore the river itself, renters can take a ride on the Channel Cat Water Taxi for a truly unique experience.