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Discover Houses for Rent in Des Moines, IA

Des Moines serves as Iowa's capital city and has the added benefit of being one of the most populous cities in the West. The city is found next to Ankeny, Altoona and Grimes. Families and residents searching for homes for rent may find this information useful, especially if they have large extended families that reside in nearby Iowa locations. In this regard, Des Moines is a fully modern city, granting access to public transportation that can help a resident and potential renter travel at an affordable rate to nearby towns and cities, not to mention Des Moines staples like the Greater Des Moines Botanical Garden. Residents should consider planting themselves in this exciting and fast-paced city in the West. 

Fun Facts About Des Moines

  • The early settlements of the area of Des Moines attracted an eclectic cast of characters. Trappist monks lived in Des Moines, and French voyagers made their way through the area, displaying the interesting historical climate a new renter of the city will take part in. 
  • The post-WWII landscape of Des Moines featured economic advancement, with the city being a center of insurance companies. Business men and women should look at the costs and benefits of doing business in Des Moines, as they may have a good chance to make a positive impact on the city's economy. 

Handy Resources for Residents

  • Des Moines' website has an indispensable resource, especially for new renters, called "Around the City" that shows Des Moines hotspots and information for renters. A quick visit to this segment of the city's website can help dispel unfamiliarity regarding the city. But, of course, nothing beats living and experiencing the city in the flesh.
  • Des Moines Public School's website has information on education in the city.