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Located in the western section of the South Shore, Attleboro, Mass., is located between Boston and Providence, R.I. If you're looking for homes for rent in the area, you'll be happy to know that you're close to both major cities, as well as a number of great New England beaches.

Interesting Facts About Attleboro

  • Attleboro is known as the jewelry capital of the world due to the high number of jewelry manufacturers that operate out of the city. It earned that nickname in 1913 when popular jewelry manufacturer L.G. Balfour Company operated there. While it has since moved, many jewelry makers still call Attleboro home.
  • The historic downtown Attleboro neighborhood received more than $5 million from the state and federal governments and has revitalized the area with commercial and residential development.

Resources for Attleboro Residents

  • The city's official website provides all the links and phone numbers you need to learn important information about the city and contact officials if you have any questions. 
  • There's also an unofficial website of Attleboro that provides important information and resources on the city and its neighbors. This site can connect residents to various groups and help them get involved in movements and other activities happening in their community.

Fun Things to Do in and Around Attleboro

  • There are four museums in Attleboro: the Attleboro Arts Museum, the Attleboro Area Industrial Museum, the Women at Work Museum and the Museum at the Mill. These showcase the rich history of the area and are both entertaining and educational.
  • While you can certainly get away to either Boston and Providence and enjoy the dining, shopping and nightlife both cities have to offer, perhaps you'll want to spend a day basking in the sun during the summer. It's only an hour drive to Cape Cod, where you can experience the fun atmosphere of the coastal towns in the area.