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Uncover Houses for Rent in Clemmons, NC

If you're searching for homes for rent in a fun, close-knit, exciting town, look no further than Clemmons, North Carolina. Located in the middle of the state, near Winston Salem and Lexington, Clemmons is a place where residents can both settle in and enjoy hometown comforts but still discover things to amuse themselves with.

Fun Facts about Clemmons

  • The town is steeped in history - it was founded in 1802 by Peter Clemmons, though it wasn't incorporated until 1986. His house still stands in town today.
  • The stagecoach is the unofficial mascot of Clemmons, thanks to Peter's great-grandson Edwin Clemmons. He owned a number of stage lines and created many different styles, including the "Hattie Burner," which is on display at Village Hall.

3 Resources for Renters

  • Renters new to the area might want to check out the official website, where they can sign up for "Clemmons 101" classes. Offered by the village government, this course teaches locals about government functions, various roles therein and so on.
  • Those new to the area should familiarize themselves with Emergency Services to make sure they always err on the side of caution. This can also be a great resource for those who want to make sure they're taking the correct steps to prevent accidents.
  • Contact the Village Hall after you move into town - the government puts together a newcomers' package to properly welcome new individuals into the town. You can request a package via email or stop into Village Hall during office hours.

Exciting Things to Do in Clemmons

There are plenty of ways the community gathers together and has fun. For instance, anyone can volunteer at the Clemmons Community Garden - locals can even grow their own food in this public space. Renters can also head to the Clemmons Library to fall into the latest books and movies.