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Houses for Rent in Kinston, North Carolina

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Discover Houses for Rent in Kinston, NC

Kinston is a prominent city in Lenoir County, and has been the county seat since 1791. The city is close to the Atlantic Ocean, by notable North Carolina cities like Jacksonville and Goldsboro. Homes for rent in Kinston will allow families to experience life in a tightly knit community. Significant locations in the city include Kinston Country Club, Vernon Park Mall, Fairfield Park, Chef & the Farmer, the Neuse River, Holloway Park, Southeast Park and many more.

Interesting Facts About Kinston

  • There are ample examples of early settlement in Kinston. For example, the Neusiok Native American tribe lived in the area. This tribe was part of the greater Tuscaroran Nation. The tribe grew a number of crops, such as corn, tobacco and pumpkins. 
  • English settlers began to trickle into Kinston in the 1600s, with their presence growing more substantial during the 1700s.
  • Kinston was incorporated in 1826, only to subsequently face problems that led to the city being reincorporated in 1849.
  • Extensive road building took place in Kinston between 1915 and 1919, helping to spur development in the community.
  • Kinston had the honor of having the first registered elevator in North Carolina. A doctor from Kinston was also the first professional to build an X-ray machine in the South.

Resources for Renters

  • The City of Kinston's website includes a statement from the mayor touting the benefits of living in the city and a summary of the current setting renters should expect when moving to the city. Notable features on the site include job listings, a description of city government, and online services like the city's finance department, public services, permits and building inspections. Residents can also find contact information on the site, board vacancies, community organizations and more.
  • Lenoir County Public Schools' website is a good resources for parents in Kinston.