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Explore New Houses for Rent in Goldsboro, NC

Renters looking for fun, excitement and a warm community should for homes for rent in Goldsboro, North Carolina. Goldsboro is a beautiful city with plenty of activities for individuals to participate in, no matter what their age. And, however unlikely, if they don't find something they're passionate about in town, they can certainly explore opportunities in Greenville, which is about 40 miles away, or Smithfield, situated 23 miles to the west. 

Interesting Facts About Goldsboro

  • Goldsboro didn't make its way onto the map until the 1830s, after the creation of the nearby Wilmington and Raleigh Railroad lines were developed. The community grew around a central hotel, as well as the rail intersection.
  • The city, which originally went by the name Goldsboro Junction, was named after Mayor Matthew Goldsboro, who was a chief engineer with the local railroad.
  • Goldsboro was named the county seat for Wayne County in 1847, the same year it was officially incorporated.

Resources for New Renters

  • If individuals are new to the city and don't know where to start exploring, the first thing they should do is read the welcome letter penned by the mayor on the city's official website. In it, he suggests a number of fun local activities, explains the presence of the Seymour Johnson Air Force Base and provides resources that locals can seek out. 
  • People new to the area looking to take advantage of the beauty of the surrounding nature should check out the Goldsboro Municipal Golf Course. After having undergone renovations in 1999, the course now features 18 holes, as well as a practice bunker, chipping green and other elements.
  • Residents of all ages may find something they're interested in at the Paramount Theatre. Not only does the venue show movies, both new and classic, but it also has an ongoing performing arts series.