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Southport is a city in North Carolina's Brunswick County, close to the Cape Fear River and near Wilmington. Homes for rent in the city provide access to a number of restaurants, marinas, parks, schools, amenities and more. 

Historical Facts About Southport

  • The area by Cape Fear was explored by the Spanish explorers in the 1500s. However, their stay was transient, and they quickly moved on to due to lack of resources.
  • Brunswick Town was the first settlement founded in the area, located along the Cape Fear River.
  • The origins of Southport were born out of the efforts of businessmen to found a southern port in the area after the Civil War.
  • The businessmen hoped to create this port by using river transportation and railroads. However, the town never turned into the port city the businessmen envisaged for it. 
  • Southport received its name in 1887. The city served as a coaling dock for steamships during its early history and also acquired telegraph service.

Helpful Resources for Renters

  • Check out Southport's official website to find additional information about Southport that can help renters settle into a new home. There's detailed information about doing business in the community, the city's departments, upcoming meetings and events, the latest news from the city, a calendar and more.
  • More information about the business community in Southport can be found on the Southport Oak Island Area Chamber of Commerce's website. The site offers plenty of details about the events the chamber hosts, what membership in the chamber means and more. 
  • Parents of Southport can explore educational resources for their children by visiting the Brunswick County Schools website. A resident visiting Brunswick County Schools can find a bevy of information here on the district, schools, staff, school boards, as well as the latest district news and hot topics.